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About US

BFL Group is ready to take up the challenge to meet the demand of all sorts of high quality knit garments as per buyer’s demand. We are equipped with modern machineries and devoted professional with long & proven experience under the direct guidance & control of an efficient management.

 We are one of the most established Knit Garment companies in Bangladesh.  The organization initiated as a small knit apparel manufacturing company in 2000. Over the years of development, it has evolved rapidly to compete as one of the most advanced Garment company in the RMG industry.

BFL Group is entirely family owned and employs over 750 workers. With a vertically integrated setup, the incorporation of advanced technology and a proficient management team, BFL Group is emerging strongly as one of the most recognized companies in the country. Looking ahead, the company is focusing more towards the end customer. 

BFL Group has one of the most dedicated and skilled workforces in the country. They are committed to working in a sustainable work environment with expertise and enthusiasm. They work passionately to deliver the best output according to company values.  

Our Mission

Our main goal is to be a Leader in this sector by investing in people and technology and by producing quality products at low cost. 

* We ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction ..  

* To be at peace with nature by creating and promoting the environmental awareness.

* We are bound to fulfill our social responsibility. 

* With the principle of “First Human”, to be example for other companies.

Our mission at BFL entails putting in the best of our efforts to produce 100% top of the line products even if we lose business or money. Gaining profits is not the sole concern that we have – delivering top quality apparels and garments is.

At BFL, we ensure to thoroughly understanding the needs and requirements of our clients, thereby acquiring the irrefutable ability to satisfy diverse garment demands. We wish to put in the best of our abilities present dedicated team work at all definitive levels, while adequately prioritizing environmental protections. While ensuring the legality of our business existence, our mission further involves maintaining sustainability in every step that we take, every technology that we use.

BFL Group strives to deliver consistency in the maintenance of top quality standards, while ensuring reliability and transparency in every interaction and transaction that takes place with and by us.

Further, we strongly prioritize trustworthiness as well as punctuality in all of our commitments, while putting in tireless efforts and untiring work towards achieving 100% satisfaction of all our customers, while conforming with all national and international manufacturing regulations. To us, what is most important is that of satisfying all the needs and specifications of our current projects, instead of focusing on what’s coming next.

With that, we are also focused towards the utilization of latest technologies, refined materials and creative designs for the delivery of apparel and garments that will definitely enhanced customer values.

Our Vision

The vision that we hold at BFL Group is that of gaining top notch recognition in Bangladesh’s already expansive, and continually expanding apparel manufacturing sector. In the long-term, we wish to be ranked amongst the top apparel manufacturers that deliver all sorts of apparel manufacturing services to businesses and fashion houses across the world.

Our number one priority is that of gaining global recognition for delivering the most fashionable garments with consistent quality and on-time delivery while fulfilling all the specifications of our clients. We are focused on becoming a group of companies that guarantees utmost satisfaction through the deliverance of flawlessly manufactured garments that will be known for their perfection.

BFL Group is committed to the consistent upliftment and improvement of both its products and its responsibilities towards it’s employees. Striving hard to achieve highest levels of customer satisfaction through timely deliveries along with enhanced quality and value of all our products. 

Commitments- Ethical Behavior

BFL Group believes in and follows ethical behaviors
Being ethical towards both our employees and market and buyers is a major priority at BFL Group. To us, the fundamental aspects of our business are those of integrity, respect and fair play towards all those associated with us, as it goes to show that BFL Group is a responsible and highly ethical garment manufacturing company.

 We are ethical towards the market and our clients, As a highly ethical business, BFL Group is focused on making sure that its buyers receive the best possible products. For that, we put in adequate quality assurance procedures so as to ensure high quality of the garments that we deliver. To us, our business touches the lives of countless people all over the world, and we believe that every transaction that takes place should be one of respect, integrity, honesty and utmost transparency.

With that, we also find ourselves liable to making sure that all the ordered garments are delivered to our buyers in a timely manner. At BFL Group, we realize that our buyers have high expectations from us, and we in turn put in the best of our efforts to ensure that these are fulfilled beyond their expectations. Not only are our garments of top notch quality, they are also very competitively priced.

Apart from that, the team of professional designers is accountable at all levels to ensuring that the collections being offered to our clients are unique, customized, and trendy it is specially for our ODM service. All of these aspects are given due attention to make sure that the garments are sellable – we never provide low quality products to our buyers as well do not wish to tarnish their reputation in the market. With that, adequate consideration is also given in terms of pricing, with extensive steps being taken so as to keep the costs of our manufactured garments as competitive as possible.

Most importantly, we give immense value to business ethics, which is why we also take steps to make our buyers feel safe when purchasing garments & fashion apparel from BFL Group For this reason, we present an extensive refund policy, exchange policy, an all-encompassing quality assurance program. Also, to offer support to our clients, and ensure the timely delivery of all orders, we have a highly efficient project management system in place too.

Ethical behavior towards our employees, For us at BFL Group, our number one asset are our employees. For all the hard work that they put in, we believe it is our responsibility to make sure that their basic human rights are protected at all times. After all, it is their honesty and dedication that has helped us reach such immense heights of success.

In order to appreciate the efforts our employees put in, we offer excellent remuneration packages, and health benefits to them. They are presented with a very safe and efficient working environment so as to help them gain more trust towards us. All human rights are given due attention to embrace them and create an inclusive environment.

From labor laws, to extensive safety and security, BFL Group takes its ethical responsibility very seriously. With that, we are putting in the best of our efforts to progress on a daily basis, and improve on all our initiatives in a steady manner.