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Quality Division


BFL Group takes garment quality control procedures and inspection seriously. The process of delivering a quality product to our customers is divided into two key areas, namely ‘Prevention’ and ‘Control’.

The prevention part is under supervision of our Quality Assurance (QA) team. They oversee all elements of pre-production work like the fitting and styling details. Our standards for quality are set according to the guidelines appointed by customers. The prevention part is further strengthened by our in-house testing labs. Garment quality control procedures undergo testing phases before the production process even starts. Thus, preventing any mistakes affecting the quality of our final output.

The control part is under management of our Quality Control (QC) team. They coordinate with our QA team to ensure product standards meet customer expectations. Our quality control team works with our QA team throughout the production process. Thus, securing the final product and preventing errors that may disappoint our customers.

Producing top quality garments has become more of a habit to us. Going back to the year 2012, where we developed our quality assurance program. This program was assigned only to high profile & experienced quality controllers and managers. We then selected some compliance factories where AQL is 2.5. Next, we developed our cherished nine step quality-checking procedure. Being 9 steps, we’ve broken it down to 5 steps for production and four steps in finishing.